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Annie Garofalo

Annie Garofalo

CEO + Founding Team Relationship Expert - Confidante

Today we talk about leadership, partnerships and co-founders. Our guest is Annie Garofalo, Founder and CEO of Confidante. She specializes in preventing co-founder conflicts. Her approach is a combination of her experience as a co-founder herself and a rigorous academic background.

In our discussion we covered all the steps to building a successful co-founder relationship, starting with figuring our whether you actually need a co-founder. If the answer to the question is yes, we talked about how to find the right co-founder and the best practices in setting up the relationship and managing conflict.

Key Moments

[1:08] Intro

[2:27] Annie’s story and background

[15:21] Do you need a co-founder and best practices to set up successful co-founder relationships

[33:05] Favorite hobby

[34:06] Jargon that drives Annie crazy

[35:09] Food for the body or food for the soul

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