Anngelle Wood

Anngelle Wood

Media Personality, Podcast Host and Producer, Music Festival Organizer

Today we talk to Anngelle Wood, a prominent figure in the Boston media and music scene who wears many hats, including host of the Boston Emissions radio show, producer and host of the Crime of the Truest Kind podcast, and organizer for the historical Rock & Roll Rumble , a 40 years old Battle of The Bands that is a Boston institution.

Anngelle shares the story of her journey in the music industry, how she became the organizer for the Rumble, and her mission to serve the local Boston music community by giving bands a platform to play and fans a safer experience, plus a peek into her true crime podcast.


[01:38] – Dino introduces Anngelle Wood, the organizer of the Rock & Roll Rumble, a local battle of the bands that has lasted for over 40 years and is a true institution for the Boston music community.

[03:56] – Anngelle introduces herself and shares that she’s a Boston native with over 20 years of radio experience and how her background led to opportunities in the New England music scene, including hosting a show called Boston Emissions and organizing the Rock & Roll Rumble.

[05:29] – Anngelle shares the background behind Rock & Roll Rumble and the story of its roots dating back to 1979 at the legendary Boston venue called The Rat and how the competition works.

[07:18] – Anngelle explains how the Rock & Roll Rumble can change the trajectory of a band and her work to make it more of a festival and showcase to help bands improve their performances and presentation.

[08:47] – A look at some of the more well-known bands who’ve participated in the event through the years.

[10:27] – Dino notes that the Rock & Roll Rumble was a platform for bands to gain national recognition in the past and asks about the considerations they made while organizing the event in the current phase of the music industry.

[11:24] – Anngelle shares the mission of Rock & Roll Rumble and explains the criteria for selecting bands.

[13:31] – What does “taking it to the next level” look like for a Boston-based band?

[14:11] – Shaking things up: how Anngelle ensures a diverse lineup for the Rock & Roll Rumble.

[15:39] – An electric atmosphere and a moment of transformation that changes everything for that band.

[17:13] – Anngelle describes their early experiences in radio, including working at independent station WFNX that focused on local artists, which carried over into her work now.

[20:22] – Stepping through an open door: A vacancy that led to an opportunity for Anngelle and rock and roll in Boston.

[23:25] – Don’t underestimate a band based on its previous performances: Anngelle shares the experience that caused her to change how the Rumble is run.

[25:12] – Anngelle shares what she’s learned in managing such a diverse group of resources to pull off the event every year, including managing the different components such as finding a venue, accommodating bands for sound checks, hosting judges, and tallying numbers for the winner at the end of the night, including the wild cards.

[27:25] – Anngelle shares what every band wants and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the level of diplomacy and professionalism required for the judges and how she gets the best out of them every time.

[30:19] – Dino discusses the financial challenges that artists face in the music industry and the importance of serving the community.

[31:12] – The importance of supporting artists in the Boston music community post-pandemic. Anngelle shares what the local community is most in need of.

[34:31] – Anngelle shares the difficulty musicians have in finding places to play in the Boston area.

[37:52] – How Anngelle navigated a difficult decision to host this year’s Rock & Roll Rumble at the controversial Middle East venue.

[41:45] – How Anngelle and her team are taking action and working to ensure the Middle East experience is positive by working with organizations Calling All Crows and Groove Safe to provide staff and venue training.

[46:56] – How the lack of information about the allegations led to confusion within the music community.

[47:31] – Dino believes that the issue with the allegations is not whether they are true or not but rather that they were not appropriately addressed. He also acknowledges that many venues have been lost, including the previous home of the Rumble, which is why a different place had to be found. And why it’s important to reclaim the places in the community where local bands can play.

[48:43] – Anngelle emphasizes the importance of acknowledging people’s concerns and taking action to address them, including an invitation to join in efforts by taking part in bystander training so that they can also take action against inappropriate behavior.

[49:22] – Dino reminds listeners about the upcoming Rock & Roll Rumble event in Boston and encourages music enthusiasts to attend and check out local bands performing at their best.

[49:53] – Dino shares a personal testimony about a memorable night at the 2019 Rumble and how it changed the trajectory for one of the bands and their lead singer, who benefited from the exposure after an unbelievable performance.

[50:45] – Are you a fan of true crime? Anngelle also hosts the Crime of the Truest Kind, featuring true New England crime stories.

[52:01] – You can find out more about Anngelle at her website, where you can find programming information for BOSTON EMISSIONS.

[53:25] – Anngelle shares her excitement about the upcoming Rock & Roll Rumble and her optimism about the event’s impact on the community by bringing people together and fostering a sense of community, as seen in the love fest atmosphere.

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