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Dr. Amanda Blake

Dr. Amanda Blake

Founder, Embright - Author - Your Body Is Your Mind

Today’s guest is Dr. Amanda Blake, a Body/Mind leadership coach, founder of Embright and author of the book Your Body Is Your Mind. We discuss her unique career path that marries the intricacies of mind-body science with the art of leadership and behavior change. We started with a very honest discussion of what it took her to find her true calling, and there are a few interesting learnings in that conversation if you are still in search of the career that fulfills your purpose.

Then we talked about the connection between body and mind – how it works and the impact it has on our leadership. Amanda also shared a couple actionable somatic practices that you can adopt immediately.

Key Moments

[1:23] Intro

[2:54] Amanda’s journey

[8:23] Finding her calling – and advice for people searching

[26:02] What is body mind work

[35:43] Practices you can start now

[44:08] Hobby/Expression that drives her crazy/food for the body food for the soul

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