Allison Bennie

Allison Bennie

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, AuDHD Advocate

Allison Bennie is a Creative Leadership and Life Coach at Does As She Pleases, an international coaching, facilitation, and training company that helps people in the performing arts who want to live by their own rules.

Allison and I were both diagnosed with Adult ADHD in. the past 3 or 4 years. Today she joins me to discuss our journey to being diagnosed, what the diagnosis has meant in our lives, and how we live successfully with Adult ADHD.


[00:59] – We’re starting year three of the AL4EP podcast. Thanks, listeners!

[01:38] – How my Adult ADHD diagnosis changed my life.

[02:10] – Getting real about Adult ADHD with Allison Bennie.

[03:49] – Allison shares her background growing up in Scotland and her work with others to help them carve out their own path.

[04:27] – Allison shares the story of her post about the chicken and the egg on TikTok and how it made her feel seen.

[06:49] – Dino shares how seeing others he respected get diagnosed with Adult ADHD gave him the courage to pursue his own testing.

[09:07] – Allison discusses how reading Fast Minds inspired her to explore testing.

[12:30] – Dino reveals what adults with Adult ADHD often struggle with.

[13:23] – Dino shares an experience from his past that helped him pinpoint the patterns of ADHD in his life.

[14:42] – The guilt aspect of ADHD for adults.

[16:06] – Allison shares how a building designed to promote collaboration left her feeling like she was going mad.

[19:44] – Allison shares why it’s more common to have ADHD and autism than one or the other.

[21:05] – How the ongoing “ADDinoed” joke turned into a health diagnosis for Dino.

[21:22] – How after several misdiagnoses, finally being diagnosed with ADHD was like a weight being lifted, permitting Allison to, at long last, fully be herself.

[24:10] – How seeing others face the challenge of ADHD and be successful offers a glimmer of hope for others who might be suffering in the same way.

[24:51] – Dino shares how getting the ADHD diagnosis was like the shift from the minor 3rd to the major 3rd.

[25:53] – Why it’s NOT laziness.

[26:50] – Allison shares her journey to making healthier dopamine choices.

[29:37] – Dino shares how Christina Wallace helped him determine he could be BOTH a coach and a marketer.

[30:34] – If you or someone you know may be living with Adult ADHD, there is help. Find out more at


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