Gabriella Arcadu is a political scientist and the co-founder of 4 Change, a leadership training organization. Gabriella spent over 20 years working with leaders and institutions of countries who have gone through war and unrest and helps them transition to peace. As result, she has been in the field and deeply involved in many of the significant international crises that our planet experienced in the past 30 years. She spent significant time in various African countries, in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia among others. Over time, she specialized in mediation and in training leaders at all levels, ranging from functionaries to members of parliament to the members of the Crisis Task Force of the Arab League.

In our fascinating conversation, she told the story of how she became involved in this type of work. She explains how her experiences in the field under highly stressful conditions and managing significant human crises informed her approach to leadership. Not surprisingly, some of the fundamental principles she shares apply to any situation, whether it is a guerrilla camp in Angola or your first day of work at a new company.

In the final part of the episode, Gabriella explains how she and her co-founder have blended their experiences and backgrounds into a new approach to leadership training, which starts from the development of the individual to create an impact on teams, organizations and countries.