Today we delve deep into authenticity, vulnerability and the power of resetting your life. Our guest is leadership mentor and branding coach, Kasey Jones. Kasey helps entrepreneurs to gain clarity on what they are doing and where they’d like to go. In June of 2020, was almost killed by a dog attack. Today, she opens up about the experience how it changed her, and the incredible gifts that came from her overcoming this challenging time. We speak about trauma, living life without fear and what we all can do to be better versions of ourselves. We also talk about how the experience informed her work with her clients, and how when tackled the right way, personal branding is actually a way to become a better and more focused leader.

Key Takeaways:

01:59 – Introducing today’s guest, Kasey Jones, who speaks to the work she does as a business coach and shares her harrowing near death experience

10:51 – Kasey recalls what went into the decision to speak publicly about her experience

16:56 – Kasey talks about living life without fear and things in her life that now move her to tears

20:32 – I share a story connected with my own bout with depression

23:55 – How Kasey helps her clients discover their own superpowers

26:19 – Kasey provides best practices for making positive changes in your life

30:34 – Kasey speaks to her passion for personal branding

33:34 – The business practices that drive Kasey absolutely crazy

35:22 – Kasey shares some food for your body and food for your soul

40:25 – And now here’s ‘Carried,’ a song written and performed by my wife, Susan Cattaneo and featuring Jenee Halstead

Tweetable Quotes:

“As I got through it, I felt like I had been given this second chance. It felt like I had this reset button on life. And I’ll be honest, it’s very hard for people to understand this, but this experience turned into – and I am not exaggerating – the greatest blessing of my life.” (08:38)

“I remember having this ‘Aha’ moment where I realized that if I didn’t start talking about this, it would become exponentially harder for me every single day to talk about it at all.” (13:50)

“I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid of things. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have little fears that come up but I have a vision for the kind of life that I want to lead, and the kind of business that I’m building and the kind of impact I want to make. And it makes whatever little fears that come up feel like nothing.” (17:15)

“Yeah, there’s a rawness. But what that means is that I connect more deeply with people, I feel more deeply, I am inspired more easily. I am connected to life and to others in a way that I think I avoided for so much of my life. And to me it’s the greatest gift that I ever could have asked for.” (19:28)

“For me, there is no greater purpose than helping somebody else feel the strength and the courage to show up authentically and holistically as themselves.” (23:24)

“I am a big believer in treating yourself to a decadent meal and savoring every single bit of it.” (36:13)

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The Happiness Advantage: How A Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Acor