Welcome to Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, the podcast that investigates the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. Today, Dino is sitting down with executive advisor, consultant and former CMO of Aetna, Dave Edelman. Dave has been a partner at a couple of top consulting firms and a key member of the team that built Digitas into a major digital agency. Dino begins by speaking to the profound lessons he learned from Dave throughout their time working together at Digitas. Dave provides examples of how he’s gotten intentional and deliberate with leadership and key traits he looks for in other leaders on his team. They touch on Dave’s passion for musical theater and how it’s shaped his personality and leadership style, specifically the concept of always bringing energy into the room. Finally, Dave opens up about a health scare he experienced and how it’s impacted the way he approaches his professional and personal life.

 Key Takeaways:

01:09 – Dino opens the episode by sharing his connection with today’s guest, Dave Edelman, and shares lessons he learned from him during his time at Digitas

07:29 – Dave provides insights into his background as a business leader

11:55 – What authenticity means to Dave and how his passion for musical theater shaped his personality and leadership style

15:16 – Dave recalls the moment he got intentional and deliberate about leadership

19:28 – Dave speaks to challenges he overcame in transitioning from a traditional consulting firm to Digitas

24:07 – Leadership traits Dave looks for in members of his team

26:54 – Dave opens up about a health scare he endured and how that impacted his outlook on his life and leadership

29:59 – How Dave defines and measures success

32:09 – Dave provides insights and advice on leadership

36:00 – The business phrases that drive Dave absolutely crazy

38:08 – Dave shares some food for your soul

41:27 – Dino leaves the audience with ‘Wrecking Ball,’ a song written and performed by his wife, Susan Cattaneo 

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think authenticity is when your natural, passionate energies come out in your interactions. It’s really you. It’s what’s driving you.” (12:10)

“Before you show your own expertise, you’ve got to diagnose the situation around you. You’ve got to ask questions. You’ve got to investigate. You’ve got to understand, because what right do you have to say anything until you understand the context you’re in.” (23:00)

“The other thing about a leader is you’ve got to have a sense of what’s gonna be around the corner. It’s important to be in the moment and understand what’s happening in the moment, but you do have to think about two steps forward.” (26:03)

“For me, one of the most important things success has been about has been helping people around me move forward in various ways.” (30:13)

“The number one leadership tip is ask questions. Don’t just think you’ve got the answers. And you’ve really got to listen. Sometimes what you hear may not be the words that are said.” (32:18)

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