Welcome to Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, the podcast that investigates the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. Today, Dino is sitting down with business leader and author of Restoring the Soul of Business, Rishad Tobaccowala. Rishad is currently a senior advisor to the Publicis Groupe, where he’s had a remarkable career, most recently serving as the Chief Growth Officer and Chief Strategist. Dino and Rishad talk about Rishad’s career journey, his expertise in bridging the world of data and technology with the human element of business and the importance of defining success for yourself. They discuss best practices for leadership and how the pandemic has affected and will affect the way we think about our priorities.

Key Takeaways:

01:07 – Dino introduces today’s guest, Rishad Tobaccowala, who joins the show to talk about his business background, his approach to leadership and his passion for writing

08:32 – Rishad reflects on turning points in his career where he encountered authentic leadership and lists the five characteristics that comprise a great boss

14:31 – The importance of defining success for yourself rather than letting others define it for you

22:26 – Rishad shares how he defines and measures success

28:00 – Rishad provides insights and advice on leadership

39:57 – The business phrases that drive Rishad absolutely crazy

42:53 – Rishad expounds on the concept of ‘the new strange’

48:28 – Rishad shares some food for your soul

50:31 – Dino announces a special giveaway to listeners who write a review for this episode

51:50 – Dino leaves the audience with ‘Abide,’ a song written and performed by his wife, Susan Cattaneo

Tweetable Quotes:

“I found this really insightful saying that working for a fantastic boss in a smelly bathroom is better than working for a terrible boss in a rose garden.” (09:56)

“We tend to regret errors of omission more than we regret errors of commission. We regret the things we wish we had done much more than things we did that didn’t work out.” (17:09)

“The way I sort of define success is the ability for a person to spend their time the way they want to. If you are spending your time the way you want to, that’s success.” (22:42)

“To be a good leader, you have to have as many of these five characteristics. You have to have a sense of craft and expertise. You want to have integrity. You want to have empathy and think about other people. Vulnerability is willing to say you’re wrong. And inspire people, especially when times are tough.” (28:45)

“When a client believes that you are backing up your people, they believe that you run a great team.” (37:38)

“The way you form a habit is either you start or stop doing something for sixty days.” (44:34)

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